In nearly three centuries, the VINCI Energies Group has grown in 51 countries around the world. It is today one of the major players in its fields of activity: energy, transport, industry, ICT and tertiary.


VINCI Energies Oil & Gas wanted to develop a Smartphone application for travelers and expatriates in order to:

  • Allow an on-line help for Group employees by giving them up-to-date information directly from the Application (country or specific information to the team to which they belong)
  • Share and send the user’s geolocation data
  • Geolocate employees when necessary for reasons of safety and / or health.
  • Give the possibility to each employee must send a “panic alert” to indicate that he or she is in imminent or immediate danger.


Smart Interactive combined a real R & D and innovation approach with these projects :

  • The definition of a distributed architecture;
  • Development of a Proof of Concept;
  • Specification and development of a specific geolocation algorithm for iOS and Androidnative applications ;
  • The development of a back-end allowing the administration of the platform;
  • Deployment of the solution with the management of internal beta-testers;
  • The setting up of a dedicated help desk.

Smart Interactive continues to support Vinci in the deployment and evolution of the platform. Becoming Magellan, the application is marketed by the agency in the form of a packaged security alert solution for personnel in risk zone.

As part of its solution Smart Interactive intervened at Eurosatory in June 2016 in a workshop on the safety of the personnel of French companies abroad.

We also participate in meetings on the safety of French companies abroad organized by the Crisis and Support Center of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Vinci Oil & Gas GSS


Needs analysis, Graphic design, iOS / Android Development, Back-office development (php, html), Integration, Deployment. Participation to an internal innovation competition.

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