Mashup Web


Mashup Web is an intelligent aggregator that leverages both manual selection of content and powerful semantic analysis engines. Customization features allow hyper customization of content displays based on user interests.

Mashup Web is the application editor for Football Addict and Rugby Addict

Football Addict lists content, articles, photos, videos and rankings / results. In total more than 300 sources and 700 feeds dealing with football news gathered in a single service. With 150 clubs and teams referenced our goal is to satisfy all football fans!


Mashup Web asked Smart Interactive to take over the Android Football Addict and Rugby Addict apps.


Smart Interactive provided an Android expert to Mashup Web in order to carry out the complete refactoring of the code as well as the development of new functionalities.

Smart Interactive continues to monitor developments with the implementation of a TPMA contract.


Mashup Web


Android development, Integration, Publishing, Maintenance

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