Our methodologies serve the success of our customers, always keeping in mind a practical selection of methods that best suits the project and our clients’ organization.

Throughout the years we have been involved at all possible points of a project: from end-to-end development to critical bug fixing in the final stage of projects.

We take each project to heart, aim at being flexible and keep everyone well informed and involved, as if we were sharing an office. Smart Interactive Agency is a sought-after and proven agile partner for any kind of software development.


We’ve had the experience of building our client’s products but also our owns. We’ll be able to share all that experience with you in order to translate your business strategy to the digital space.

Entrepreneur or well established Business, we will translate your ideas into a fully-fledged plan.

We conduct interactive design meetings where we capture your business goals, vision, and success factors;

We work with you to identify operational requirements, risks and mitigation strategies;

Finally, we assemble a product roadmap that prioritizes development with the best possible benefit to cost ratio.


We will scope your project in one or several fixed-length sprints. Development is split into frequent milestones & progress is monitored by your dedicated Project Manager. Since we know by experience, that projects can evolve, we will keep being flexible and agile throughout project lifecycle.

Finally, we will test application functionalities according all possible user scenarios.

Before your application goes live, in-house or through a public Application Store, you will formally sign off a delivery report.


Maintenance and Support is the often-underestimated phase of IT projects. We will propose you maintenance conditions that will protect your investment and make sure that your application is kept up to date along with mobile OS upgrades and new devices. We can offer support contract that meet the strongest Service Level Agreements.

From a business perspective getting your app to the store is just the only half of the battle. When it comes to online marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

While your application is still in development, we will sit down with you in order assess the marketing goals and opportunities for your application and action plan to activate



  • Olivier
    Olivier Founder | Managing Director
  • Hadrien
    Hadrien Project Manager | Business Analyst
  • Riyad
    Riyad Web & Mobile Designer
  • Krasen
    Krasen Backend Dev Java Python Angular.js
  • Angel
    Angel Lead iOS Dev
  • Galin
    Galin iOS Dev
  • Veronika
    Veronika iOS Dev
  • Galeen
    Galeen Lead Android & Java Dev
  • Stanislav
    Stanislav Java & Android Dev